61 Elizabeth Street london SW1W 9PP



Please call 020 7730 7997


* Olivocarne is the only one of our branches which has the facility to cater for larger numbers of guests with tailored to suit menus


Opening Times

Monday - Friday

Lunch 1200 - 1430

Dinner 1900 - 2300


Lunch 1200 - 1500

Dinner 1900 - 2300


Lunch 1200 - 1500

Dinner 1900 - 2230

Bank Holidays


* Please be aware that due to space restrictions we are unable to accomodate prams inside the restaurant.

Joes Bar

A private membership bar which is open from 5.00 pm until 12.00 midnight from Monday to Saturday (closed on Sunday) but may also be used by those dining in Olivocarne restaurant who would like to have an aperitif or a digestif in the bar. This is an attractive room with a cosy, welcoming atmosphere and has an open fire and comfortable chairs.

We have a heated terrace area which is an ideal spot to sit and enjoy a drink , perhaps with some bar snacks or maybe a cigar from our extensive selection of fine Havana cigars. Cigars are also available to buy and smoke from Tom Tom cigars next door- www.tomtom.co.uk

The bar has a wine dispenser unit which allows for a choice of several white and red wines to be sold by the glass. This selection of wines changes every few weeks which gives our customers a good variety.

Joe’s Bar is available for hire every lunchtime and on Sunday evenings as a private dining room, which can seat up to 9 people. In addition to this facility we are also able to cater for cocktail or buffet style parties. The space can accomodate upto 22 people for such an event.

Private Hire

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People Talking About Us

"The blonde and I took Prospero Baily... We started with prosciutto and figs. You'd expect the ham to be good, the Sardinian version particularly so, but figs are rarely worth the mouth room in London. These were green, peeled and wonderful...
The success of the starters was lardo on warm toast. Prospero had never tried this before... It was a revelation; he was over-whelmed by it's loveliness. "This is the best thing that could ever happen to a pig," he eulogised...
Italians cook rabbit better than anyone and this was perfect...
Olivcarne proves that chains don't have to be centralised, sterilised formulas driven by logistics..."

"Every now and again, David and Samantha Cameron escape from No.10 for dinner, and they often enjoy Sardinian food and wine at either of Mauro Sanna’s restaurants, Olivomare and Olivocarne, in Elizabeth Street...I had a Sardinian feast with Mauro the other night and it was one of the finest Italian meals I have eaten, and drunk....we began with roast marrowbone, enlivened by a little spice. Then came gnocchi with black truffles. I can still taste them. To follow, steak tartare chopped up with bottarga (grey mullet roe, a Sardinian speciality). That managed to outshine the truffles. It was one of the best things I have ever eaten.

The principal course was to be suckling pig. I was sceptical...suckling pig sounds as if it should be delicious, but I have always felt that the porker would be better after a few months rootling and fattening among the acorns and beech-mast, enriching the flesh and ensuring succulent crackling. Perhaps a suckling pig ought to be left to suckle a bit longer. Not Mauro’s one. Though it may have been a brief life, none of it was wasted. That little piggy packed a palatory punch...Puddings followed, especially a gelato made out of frozen yoghurt with Sardinian bitter honey...the restaurants would work well for a banquet...but they could work equally well, if like the Camerons, you just wanted to unwind for a couple of hours with excellent food and a decent bottle".

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