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 "This is an exemplary way to grow local restaurants, a small chain
 that serves a local community without ever losing quality
 or consistency or it's sense of place,
 either where it comes from
 or where it is".



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"The room is the best new dining room I've seen for years. Dinner was very, very good. It's a very good restaurant. And I'm going to give it five stars, because it also has sisters: Oliveto, which makes constantly brilliant pizzas that have been feeding my kids for a decade, and the original Olivo. This is an exemplary way to grow local restaurants, a small chain that serves a local community without ever losing quality or consistency or it's sense of place, either where it comes from or where it is".



"Sardinian islanders have an ingrained love of seafood – a passion that is fully expressed at this stylish neighbourhood eatery. ‘Blindingly white’ from floor to ceiling, the modish interior is pointed up with strange jellyfish light fittings & a modernist fish mural that hints at the piscine delights on offer. Oysters, sea urchins, anchovies, lobsters, monkfish et al appear in all manner of guises, from risottos & pastas to char-grills with bold Italian sauces. Start with cured tuna, green beans & sun-dried tomatoes before sampling crab linguine with garlic & chilli or salt-crusted sea bass. A fine selection of Sardinian whites stands out on the exclusively Italian wine list, which also includes a smattering of island ‘stickies’ – try them with tiramisu or a slice of date & almond tart"



"Owner Mauro Sanna keeps his eye on the ball at this cosy spot just off Eaton Square. You never see fish here that's anything other than spanking fresh (which cannot always be said for the denizens of the square). And while the menu has its staples, like lobster salad with sweet onions, it certainly doesn't stand still. We also love the viscous wines of Sardinia, many available at Olivino, the deli next door."



"The triumphant simplicity of Olivomare's cooking is matched, in a sense, by the decor, but they are two different kinds of simplicity. This is not a rustic plainness but rather an elegant austerity that matches the smart, well-heeled clientele. Mauro Sanna's obviously got green fingers; his little olive grove of restaurants is flourishing. Where will he plant the next one?



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Olivogelo welcome



 Olivino offers a large selection of fine quality Italian and Sardinian wines as well as
 specially imported produce mainly from Sardinia.
 You can also find a selection of cured meats and cheeses as well as freshly made sauces,
 salads, and sandwiches made to order, and in true Italian style you can always
 grab a quick shot of Espresso at the counter.
 Because of its proximity to Olivomare, Olivino has the added benefit of being able to offer
 a selection of fresh fish and shellfish which can be ordered 24 hrs in advance.
 Our chefs can also clean and fillet any fish if requested. Fresh cuts of meats are available too.

 We also offer various 'special orders' such as food hampers made to
 order, filled with whatever you choose.
 And if you buy any case of wine (12 bottles) you will receive a 10% discount.