Olivo Restaurants


 "This is an exemplary way to grow local restaurants, a small chain
 that serves a local community without ever losing quality
 or consistency or it's sense of place,
 either where it comes from
 or where it is".



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"The blonde and I took Prospero Baily... We started with prosciutto and figs. You'd expect the ham to be good, the Sardinian version particularly so, but figs are rarely worth the mouth room in London. These were green, peeled and wonderful...

The success of the starters was lardo on warm toast. Prospero had never tried this before... It was a revelation; he was over-whelmed by it's loveliness. "This is the best thing that could ever happen to a pig," he eulogised...
Italians cook rabbit better than anyone and this was perfect...
Olivcarne proves that chains don't have to be centralised, sterilised formulas driven by logistics... "



“Every now and again, David and Samantha Cameron escape from  No.10 for dinner, and they often enjoy Sardinian food and wine at either  of Mauro Sanna’s restaurants, Olivomare and Olivocarne, in Elizabeth  Street...I had a Sardinian feast with Mauro the other night and it was  one of the finest Italian meals I have eaten, and drunk....we began with  roast marrowbone, enlivened by a little spice.  Then came gnocchi with  black truffles.  I can still taste them. To follow, steak tartare  chopped up with bottarga (grey mullet roe, a Sardinian speciality). That  managed to outshine the truffles.  It was one of the best things I have  ever eaten.

The principal course was to be suckling pig. I  was sceptical...suckling pig sounds as if it should be delicious, but I  have always felt that the porker would be better after a few months  rootling and fattening among the acorns and beech-mast, enriching the  flesh and ensuring succulent crackling.  Perhaps a suckling pig ought to  be left to suckle a bit longer. Not Mauro’s one. Though it may have  been a brief life, none of it was wasted.  That little piggy packed a  palatory punch...Puddings followed, especially a gelato made out of  frozen yoghurt with Sardinian bitter honey...the restaurants would work  well for a banquet...but they could work equally well, if like the  Camerons, you just wanted to unwind for a couple of hours with excellent  food and a decent bottle”.



"Mauro Sanna, founder of the enterprising Olivo group, is always ringing the changes and looking for new ways to market his Sardinian-inspired eateries. Following in the wake of seafood specialist Olivomare comes Olivocarne – a restaurant devoted to the high-protein pleasures of meat. Its striking monochrome interior, complete with drapes, circular mirrors and ethnic artwork, reflects the traditional and contemporary elements of his native culture, while the menu is dedicated to char-grills, pastas, game, offal and more besides. Starters of roast bone-marrow salad with Mirto salt and crostini or beef tartare sprinkled with shaved bottarga (cured mullet roe) might precede roast suckling pig, veal cutlet with hand-cut chips or lorghittas (Sardinian pasta) with duck sauce – although slabs of tagliata, bistecca and fileto are also in the mix. Wines from Sardinia and the Italian mainland fit the bill admirably."



"... the food is as authentic, tasty and fuss-free as the previous three restaurants. Classic Sardinian dishes are given a meaty twist with the addition of everything from suckling pig to chargrilled steaks and wild boar. Standout dishes include pasta shells sautéd with housemade sausage and tomato sauce, or a juicy chargrilled sliced beef entrecôte with chilli broccoli. For dessert our favourite blueberry frozen yoghurt of course... the restaurant was full, which is impressive for a local spot during their first week..."



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 Olivino offers a large selection of fine quality Italian and Sardinian wines as well as
 specially imported produce mainly from Sardinia.
 You can also find a selection of cured meats and cheeses as well as freshly made sauces,
 salads, and sandwiches made to order, and in true Italian style you can always
 grab a quick shot of Espresso at the counter.
 Because of its proximity to Olivomare, Olivino has the added benefit of being able to offer
 a selection of fresh fish and shellfish which can be ordered 24 hrs in advance.
 Our chefs can also clean and fillet any fish if requested. Fresh cuts of meats are available too.

 We also offer various 'special orders' such as food hampers made to
 order, filled with whatever you choose.
 And if you buy any case of wine (12 bottles) you will receive a 10% discount.