Olivo Restaurants


 "This is an exemplary way to grow local restaurants, a small chain
 that serves a local community without ever losing quality
 or consistency or it's sense of place,
 either where it comes from
 or where it is".


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"The eldest member of Mauro Sanna’s small family of Sardinian restaurants remains a popular destination for office workers & locals who appreciate its friendly charm… regulars still pack the place for the decent-value lunch menu... White bean soup & Sardinian ham with char-grilled fennel look good on the starter list, ahead of plates of spaghetti bottarga (with dried mullet roe) & roasted rabbit wrapped in Parma ham, with Sardinian cheeses or chilled ‘torroncino’ (nougat cream) to round things off."



"An original menu of delicious, simple dishes and a wonderful Sardinian wine-list draws some reporters back time and again to this cramped and energetic Belgravia fixture".



"With a clever blue and yellow painted interior that is above fashion trends, Olivo exudes confidence".



"They should clone the chef at this unpretentious, elbow-to-elbow, colourful Sardinian with paper tablecloths, where the food is superior, the bill smaller, and the class of customer higher than on the Costa Smeralda".


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Olivogelo welcome



 Olivino offers a large selection of fine quality Italian and Sardinian wines as well as
 specially imported produce mainly from Sardinia.
 You can also find a selection of cured meats and cheeses as well as freshly made sauces,
 salads, and sandwiches made to order, and in true Italian style you can always
 grab a quick shot of Espresso at the counter.
 Because of its proximity to Olivomare, Olivino has the added benefit of being able to offer
 a selection of fresh fish and shellfish which can be ordered 24 hrs in advance.
 Our chefs can also clean and fillet any fish if requested. Fresh cuts of meats are available too.

 We also offer various 'special orders' such as food hampers made to
 order, filled with whatever you choose.
 And if you buy any case of wine (12 bottles) you will receive a 10% discount.