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Olivo restaurant opened in November 1990 specialising in Sardinian cuisine serving the local Belgravia area. Due to Olivo's popularity, in November 1995 owner Mauro Sanna opened a second restaurant, Oliveto, still featuring authentic Sardinian fare but with a slightly more informal slant, including pizzas, reputed to be some of the best in London.

In May 2007 a third restaurant was opened, with the addition of an adjoining shop, Olivino.
Olivomare, with it's award winning interior designed by Sardinian architect Pierluigi Piu, designer of all of the restaurants, opened a new chapter in the Olivo story by serving only seafood, again with a Sardinian influence.
Olivino, the adjoining shop, offers much of the specially imported Sardinian produce used in many of the dishes served in all four restaurants as well as some of the finest Italian and Sardinian wines available in London.

In the wake of the success of Olivomare comes Olivocarne, which opened in August 2012. Olivocarne is a restaurant devoted to all things meat with a menu dedicated to char-grills, pastas, game, offal and more besides.

The latest chapter in the Olivo story comes in the form of Olivogelo, an artisan gelateria which opened in September 2013. Due to the popularity of the in-house, freshly made gelato served in all the Olivo restaurants Olivogelo, just a stone's throw away from Oliveto and Olivocarne is where you will find authentic gelato produced daily often incorporating Sardinian ingredients in a truly original fashion.

Mauro and his long standing team of chefs, headed by Andrea Orru and Marco Melis, look forward to welcoming you to savour the tastes and famed hospitality of Sardinia in the heart of London.

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Olivogelo welcome



 Olivino offers a large selection of fine quality Italian and Sardinian wines as well as
 specially imported produce mainly from Sardinia.
 You can also find a selection of cured meats and cheeses as well as freshly made sauces,
 salads, and sandwiches made to order, and in true Italian style you can always
 grab a quick shot of Espresso at the counter.
 Because of its proximity to Olivomare, Olivino has the added benefit of being able to offer
 a selection of fresh fish and shellfish which can be ordered 24 hrs in advance.
 Our chefs can also clean and fillet any fish if requested. Fresh cuts of meats are available too.

 We also offer various 'special orders' such as food hampers made to
 order, filled with whatever you choose.
 And if you buy any case of wine (12 bottles) you will receive a 10% discount.